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The Hundred Islands of Pangasinan

Trying a candid shot. hahaha

Pangasinan is one of the provinces in the Philippines that can be found at the western part of the island of Luzon. One of the popular tourist attractions in this province is the Hundred Islands National Park which is situated in the city of Alaminos.
From the viewing deck.
Hundred Islands National Park is actually composed of 124 islands during low tide and 123 islands at high tide. To name some of the islands that were developed for tourists to disembark at are the Governor's Island, Quezon Island, Cuenco Island and Children's Island.

with Ate Dulce, a travel enthusiast too.

Being able to personally witness and visit the place where hundred islands can be found is such an amazing experience. I used to only read this from history books when I was in my primary and secondary school years and now, I can absolutely say, "Hey! I've been there". :)

Hello! Come, travel with me! :)


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