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First Climb: Up to the Mount Talomo

We all have our first times. Just like me, my first time to climb a mountain and it was Mt. Talomo.

Sea of clouds at the peak of Mt. Talomo. Lovely isn't it? :)

Mt. Talomo is the third highest mountain in Davao region. It has an elevation of approximately 2,674 metres above sea level. It is situated in Sitio Tamayong, Calinan District, Davao City.

All Women's Climb

In my own experience, I can say that it was a memorable event. Being able to ascend to Mt. Talomo and being able to descend safely from that peak was a great accomplishment. I mean who would have thought that a first timer like me can survive from such horrifying and nerve-wracking mountain climbing.

Started trekking to Sicao

So, what happened?

Solemnity can be found here! :)

On the first day, we were gathered in Purok 6, Sitio Tamayong where we started our trekking going to Mt. Sicao. It took us about an hour before reaching Datu Sicao's community where we fed the youngsters, experienced a ritual and spent an overnight stay.

We spent the night here :)

Second day, we woke up around 5 in the morning. We prepared ourselves for a long trek. We cooked breakfast and ate. We packed our things and muttered a little prayer for safety.

Ninja moves :)

My few steps were effortless. I even enjoyed marching forward and noticed few homesteads along our way. Lovely to see various vegetables being planted in a cultivated land such as corns and tomatoes. I love how amazing God's creations are from varieties of plants to different types of trees.

Super tired already. Not halfway through. lah!

As we moved onward, I started to sweat. Yes, burn those excess fats baby! hahaha! I learned so much from my first mountain adventure. Firstly, the essence of water. Appropriate clothing is important! If the mountain has a high altitude and low pressure, then wear a comfortable apparel.

Notice my sweaty face! 0_0
Also, bring flashlights and headlamps because these are useful during night trek. Moreover, rain covers and rain coats are also vital to bring along because as we can observed, mountains have always unpredictable weather. First the sun is up then the next step, rain drops started to fall. So, better bring something to protect you from getting wet and getting cold. Remember, self first before you can save others! Equip yourself so you can offer a helping hand to your co-trekkers.

This would be a lovelier sight if fogs weren't present. :)

After 12 hours of walking and pausing which includes having time for taking photos "selfies", we were able to reach the peak. I must say as a first timer, Mount Talomo is a hardcore.

Good morning Mt. Apo from Mt. Talomo! :)

One must exert effort to climb up and one must be extra careful  due to the slippery trail. One must have the patience and perseverance to take a step... to move forward so to achieve the goal of being in the peak of Mt. Talomo.

Our view from the peak of Mt. Talomo. Hello Mt. Apo! :)
Every pain from moving forward is worth it. As what Romans 8:18 says, the pain that you've been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming. So have faith fellow, you can make it through to Mt. Talomo too! :)

TravelwithMe! :)

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