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Pick + Mix Your Pizza at Pizza Republic of Cebu City

Isn't it palatable to taste, bite and savor every inch of your own personalized pizza?

Well, I just found out that a pizza hub in Cebu City exist wherein you can pick your favorite toppings and mix them with a great help of their staff. 
To start with, choose your toppings.

Add some spices.

Grab something to drink.

Enjoy your pizza, baby.

The Pizza Republic "Pick + Mix" by Giuseppe Genco is considered as an Italian restaurant located in Salinas Dr, Cebu City. They are known for its unique method of pizza preparation in which you can customize your own pizza through choosing from over 60 toppings available. You pick and mix, as easy as that.
Good food, great company!
Pizza Republic "Pick + Mix" by Giuseppe Genco also have desserts to choose from and of course,

 coffee. :)

Check also their other branches situated in Cagayan de Oro and Bacolod.


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