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A 30-Minute Trek to Bray Head, Ireland

Bray Head, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
One of my goals is to find a place to trek whereby I can enjoy the breeze, the sun and the breathtaking view. Then, I heard about the so-called Bray Head.

Seafront Park, Bray

Always remember to check if the weather permits before facilitating your plan on trekking to Bray Head. We all know that Ireland is known for its not-so-friendly weather. Therefore, slippery trail is indeed risky and conducive to misadventure. 

Sunny yet it's cold. 😵

Our starting point, so excited.
Anyway, Bray Head is situated in Northern County Wicklow, Ireland. It has an elevation of 243 m hill or 791 feet. Basically, it stands in between the towns of Bray and Greystones.

See the cross at the peak? Nearly there.

It will take more or less 30 minutes of trekking from the Seafront Park of Bray going to the peak of Bray Head. It depends on your speed and the amount of time you take picture along the way. hehe

How to go to Bray Head from Dublin City Centre? Easy.

 1. Go to Connolly DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) station or Tara Street.

  • Make sure you have leapcard to save more penny from transportation.
  • Make sure you have the right route, meaning the train is going to Bray and not going to Howth.
  • Use GoogleMaps to track your destination. It will take 16-17 stops before reaching Bray DART station. Approximately, 45 minutes.

2. Hop off to Bray DART station.

3. Go to Seafront Park, whereby you can enjoy the cool breeze from the Bray sea.

Lovely, isn't it? 

The concrete cross at the peak with my frienemy. haha

4.  Start your trek. It will take approximately 30 minutes to reach the peak of Bray Head. However, it will take about an hour if you will stop by to take selfies and/or take a pause to capture the picturesque scenery of the landscape, bushes and flowers along the trail.
Someone wants to play. hehe
Happiness noted. Touched down, Bray Head. 😆

That's it. Isn't that so straightforward? Hope you grab the chance in trekking to Bray Head. It was a lovely experience, indeed.

Happy Trek! 😊


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