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Must-have Mobile Apps When in Dublin, Ireland

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If you are planning to travel to or work in Dublin, Ireland, it would be a great advantage if you are well-equipped through a simple armor, a mobile application.

Living in a modern era, 99% of us have mobile phones, either it comes with iOs or android.

Anyway, I'd like to share the mobile applications (apps) that I am using and might be beneficial for you when you are navigating to and/or staying in Dublin, Ireland.

1. Google Maps. This google application plays a vital role in your daily grind in every corner of Dublin, Ireland. It is a friendly user app whereby you can type in your location and destination. Afterwhich, it will help you to reach your destination via private car, taxi, public transpo (bus/train/luas), bicycle or via walking.

2. DublinBus.  The most common mode of transportion here in Dublin is a bus mainly the yellow double-decker buses with specific route (e.g. 27B/17A). You can use a Leapcard or cash as a mode of payment when hop in. If you opted to pay cash, remember to  bring coins and pay the exact amount of fare because the driver will not give you change but instead a receipt and you will have to claim this through their office and this is so time-consuming.

3. AccuWeather or any weather app. You can use whatever weather app you like but as for me, I'm using the AccuWeather. This makes your life easier because weather in Ireland is like women, it rain and shines like anytime of the day. So, I suggest you check first the weather before you travel and do your hop-on hop off.

4. MyTaxi. It used to be known as Halo. You can book a taxi and wait for you to be collected by your cab driver. Basically, it's the same as Uber or Grab.

5. for Long stay. Okay. If you are planning to live/work for a year or two in Dublin, you might want to download this app for you to have a convenient way of searching a comfy flat/apartment or shared house to stay in.

6. for Short stay. Here you can book from cheapest backpacker rooms to affordable bed and breakfast crib to a luxury hotel room or apartment/flat you want. I suggest you book for an apartment just like Hanbury Mews 3 because it's a total package, you have your own space that feels like home.

There you go! These are some of the most effective mobile apps that I personally use in my daily stroll here in Dublin. I hope this give you an idea on your future visit in Dublin, Ireland and it will be useful for you as well. Cheers! 😊

Talk to you later! 😉

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