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How to Comply the Schengen Tourist Visa Requirements

Hello fellow travel enthusiasts! I am so happy that I had a successful and fun-filled tour with my friends recently in the Netherlands and France. These two well-known European states belong to the Schengen area.

So, allow me to share some tips on how to comply the Schengen Tourist Visa Requirements. If you are a EU/EEA citizen and/or USA/Canada passport holder, you don't need to comply the short-stay (tourist) visa application requirements.

So, visa applicants should keep in mind that complying the Schengen visa requirements thoroughly is a must.

What you need to have?
1. Valid Passport
 - it should be issued within the last 10 years

 - must have at least 2 pages blank
 - must be valid at least 3 months after you intend to leave Schengen area
 - you will submit your original passport to the embassy's consulate
 - photocopy the personal details page
 - photocopy all pages with previous visas and stamps
 - use colored copies so it will look appealing.  

2. Schengen Visa Application Form

 - you can find this from the website of your chosen Schengen country
 - print all pages, complete and sign the application form
 - once completed and signed, photocopy all the pages

 - use colored copies so it will look appealing

3. Valid passport-size photo  
- make sure it is the appropriate passport-size photo according to your chosen Schengen country.
- provide at least 2 photos although you will only submit one.

4. Supporting Documents
  1. Work permit or certificate of employment
  2. Travel itinerary - travel reservations to and from Schengen area under your name, make sure these reservations can be cancelled (just in case you won't be approved), not necessarily a plane ticket. You can also make your own travel itinerary let's say, day 1 to day 5 activities.
  3. Hotel Reservation for the entire duration of your visit - book a reservation that you can cancel.
  4. Bank statements - it should cover the last 3 months.
  5. If you are employed: a declaration from your employer stating the period of your absence.
  6. Documents proving that you will return to your own country, for example;
    • A recent declaration from your employer, an employment contract or other information proving you are employed in  your country of origin. 
    • A document proving you are in education or training in your country of origin. 
    • A document proving your children attend school in your country of origin.
    • A document proving you have a home or other immovable property in your country of origin.
    • A document proving you are a caregiver in your country of origin.
  7. Travel Insurance
    • the insurance policy must be taken under your name
    • it should be valid throughout the Schengen area and for your entire duration of stay.
    • at least €30,000 of medical costs  are reimbursed, including hospital  care, emergency treatment and  repatriation (including in the event  of death).
5. Visa Application Fee
 - normal Schengen application fee is 60 euros or 3.570,00php.
 - at the embassy, you can pay it by cash or by card.

Points to remember
Before submitting the Schengen visa requirements to the embassy it is crucial that you organize all your documents;

Tip #1: Provide both original and photocopies. If you can, separate in a folder the original from the photocopies.

Tip #2: Or you can mixed some of the photocopies to the original. Basically, the only original documents you need to submit are the valid passport and the Schengen visa application form plus the valid passport-size photos

Tip #3: Or submit one folder containing the following;
  1. Valid passport, colored copy of personal details page and all pages with stamps and visas
  2. Original copies of the completed and signed Schengen visa application form
  3. Photocopies of all your supporting documents
  4. The desired passport-size photo
If I were you, choose tip #3, it's well-organized. :)



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