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Discover Holland, Netherlands with Your €28

Where can your 28 euros go? Visit Holland and get to know a little bit more about the Dutch history and their culture! Hollad is actually one of the countrysides of the Netherlands.

Let me tell you, I fell in love with Holland and €28 was worth it. We were able to discover some of the picturesque of 7 parts of this countryside.

How to reach Holland? Easy. It's just a 3-minute free shuttle ferry ride away from the Amsterdam Centraal station. Don't worry there is a ferry available every 4 minutes.

What's with €28? Well, we bought a ticket online with Hop On Hop Off Holland. Their office is located at the ground floor of "This is Holland" building. The ticket includes a roundtrip bus ride from the first stop to seventh stop.

What are the stops?

1. ZAANDAM - it is said to be the favorite city of Tsar Peter, Peter the Great of the Russian Empire.
2. ZAANSE SCHANS - this is the windmill village of the Dutch countryside.
The windmills in Zaanse Schans
3. PURMEREND - the city of locals and said to be the largest Dutch city, whereby boutique shops and various choice of restaurants can be found.
4. EDAM - the so-called cheese-making village and city of cheese.
The Cheese Museum in Edam
5. VOLENDAAM - this is the fisherman's village. Here you can experience the traditional Volendam costume and Dutch herring.

6. HENRI WILLIG CHEESE FARM -  here you can see an authentic Dutch cheese farm and witness the combined art of traditional cheese-making along with technological improvements.
7. MONNICKENDAM - an historical town founded by the monks and well-preserved.
Small yachts, anyone? hihi
Check out my next post as I will share our adventure from the aforementioned locations. I'm so excited to post some of the lovely photos I captured from Holland, Netherlands. See you next time!


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