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How to reach Asik-asik falls

Asik-asik Falls, North Cotabato
It is situated in Upper Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato, Philippines. Asik-asik falls has gained its popularity because of its astonishing view of curtain-like falls. It is a newly discovered natural wonder in Mindanao, Philippines. There is no river or any streams of water above the hill and the water is amazingly springing from the rocks being covered by grasses that resembling green large curtains. ( from Come, visit Asik-asik falls)

How to go there?
1. I suggest you go there in a group then rent a van or a jeepney.
2. If you are from Davao City (like me), start your journey early morning like 5AM.
3. From Davao to North Cotabato City, it will take 4-5 hours of travel if there is no stopping.
4. When we reached North Cotabato, we went to the municipality of Alamada.
5. From Alamada, we rented an elf so we can reach Barangay Dado. 
Elf ready to go :)
6. We have to cross a river via elf so to reach Brgy. Dado. An entrance fee for a cause so they can develop the road will be collected (I can't recall the exact amount) before you can enter Brgy. Dado.  

Crossing the river is adventure! :)
7. It will take an hour or two before you can reach Sitio Dulao in Upper Dado where the Asik-asik falls is mainly situated. You have to prepare yourself because the road is not yet that developed. It's bumpy and many turns to take.
Rocky road and detours :)
8. When we reached Sitio Dulalao, we were welcome by the tourism of North Cotabato. We also saw single motorcycles that were parked there which means you can as well rent single motorcycles if you want to reach Sitio Dulalao.
Courtesy call :)
9. From uphill, we walked down for like 800-1000 steps. It's good to know that they already made a mud and concrete mixed stairway. It's accessible for tourists to go down and up
More steps to take :)
10. It will take 30-45 minutes to go down. Don't forget to stop if you experience short breathes. It's a sweaty journey so always bring water so you don't get dehydrated.
Need to take off my sweater 'cause it's getting sweaty :)
11. After hundreds of steps... Alas, we finally made it!
Come, visit Asik-asik! :)
Happy Travel! :)


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