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The Spire of Dublin: What's the Story?

The Monument of Light of Dublin, Ireland is famously called the Spire of Dublin. This is one of the landmarks of Dublin city centre.

Basically, this huge, made of stainless steel, pin-like sculpture stands in the heart of O'connell Street un Dublin City with a height of 120 metres or about 390 feet.

It was first constructed in year 2002 and was completed in January 2003.

The Spire serves as the proxy of the large former Nelson's Pillar, which was bombed in 1966. The Nelson's Pillar, also known as The Pillar, was made of large granite column and was built in 1805 to pay tribute to Horatio Nelson's victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Up to this moment, The Spire is a significant symbol. This huge, striking monument is a well-known trademark of Dublin whereby, every tourist will always want to have a selfie with or a photo of it.

So, if you happen to visit Dublin, do not forget to stop by and have a closer look to The Spire of Dublin. Just mind yourself when crossing the road as there are a lot bicycles, cars, buses and even the Luas tram passing by the O'connell street.



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