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A 40-minute Cliff Walk to Howth Summit

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Howth Cliff Walk is one of the popular cliff walks in Ireland which is located in Howth, County Dublin wherein the Baily Lighthouse, the last Irish automatic lighthouse, was built. 

It will take about 40 minutes, without stopping or pauses, to reach the Howth Summit from the Howth Railway Station. If you are planning to have your next trekking, visit Howth Summit especially on Spring or Summer. I assure you, you will definitely capture a lot of lovely scenery.

It's plain and simple to experience the Howth Cliff walk. #1 If you will start from the city of Dublin, you have to go the nearest DART station, either the Tara Street Railway Station or the Connoly.

#2 Hop on to the train that has a route going to Howth. It will take about 25 minutes before you arrive in Howth Railway Station.

#3 When you're in Howth Railway Station, you may start your trek. Notice that you will pass by the Howth park and seaport. Here you can start you photo walk.

#4 As I said, it will take about 40 minutes before you reach the Howth Summit. However, I'm pretty sure you can't resist the astonishing views every step of the way. So, more or less, it will take you about an hour or two before you can shout Eureka!

#5 Enjoy every glimpse of Howth cliff and summit. Especially, if the sun is out by the time you visit here. Again, Ireland's weather is temperamental so better check the forecast before you trek.

Nothing beats the feeling of reaching the summit. From the top, you can actually see the Baily lighthouse of Howth plus the astonishing view of the Howth sea. You can ascend and get a closer view of the lighthouse if you want to.

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