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Enjoy 14 Tourist Attractions in Paris City for €45

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The Big Bus Tour Paris

This time I wan to share our short vacation in Paris, also known as the City of Love. As most people would say, Paris is expensive. But I think I can argue with that, it really depends on how you will explore this lovely city in France.

There are a lot of ways to explore the Paris city centre;
  1. Walk
  2. Take the metro 
  3. Ride a bus
  4. Try the Seine river cruise
  5. Go cycle

In our case, we tried the first four options. Again, it is important that you get along well with Mr. GoogleMaps and I assure you, you will stay on track.

We stayed in Paris, France for 3 days and 2 nights. For us to see the main attractions in the city, we purchased a hop-on hop-off bus ticket for €45 per adult. It was a deluxe ticket from the Big Bus Tour Paris. The ticket includes 2-day Hop-on Hop-off, English-speaking live guides, 2 different routes and a river cruise.

Opera Garnier
For me, this option is convenient for first timers in visiting Paris. It is definitely a recommended means of exploring the attractions and landmarks of this lovely city. It is absolutely worth the price for 2 days unlimited hop-on hop off plus a 1-hour cruise in Seine river.

How to maximize the Big Bus Tour Paris deluxe ticket?

1. Firstly, exchange your voucher at either stop #1 Tour Eiffel or stop #4 Big Bus Information Centre, whichever is the easiest.

Musée du Louvre
2. On the first day, enjoy the hop on. It means sit back and relax, finish both routes which are the red and the blue. While you are doing this, enjoy taking photos of each sightseeing you pass by and choose those you are interested to hop off at.

For your information:
Red route includes 1. Tour Eiffel, 2. Champ de Mars, 3. Opera Garnier, 4. Louvre-Pyramide / Big Bus Information Centre, 5. Louvre-Pont des Arts 6. Notre Dame, 7. Musee d'Orsay 8. Champs-Elysees, 9. Grand Palais, 10. Trocadero. While the blue route comprises 11. Musee Grevin (Hop off only), 12. Pigalle (Hop off only), 13. Sacre Coeur (Hop off only) 14. Gare du Nord.

3. On the second (last) day of the bus tour, hop on and hop off on those Paris city landmarks and architectures you have chosen. In our part, we stop by at Opera Garnier, Louvre-Pyramide and Notre Dame.
Notre Dame, where's the hatchback?
4. Then avail the 1-hour Seine river cruise, I suggest you go at sunset time and enjoy the captivating view of Paris city.

To be honest, it was a dream come true to spend Valentines day in Paris and I absolutely love to come back soon. Maybe for a week. So, I encourage you add the City of Love in your travel bucketlist, I promise you will fall in love with Paris the moment you see the interesting tourist attractions here.

A vontre sante!

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