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The Windmill Village of Zaanse Schans, Netherlands

Have you seen a traditional classic kind of windmill? I did.

Actually, I have seen from some parts of Ireland, California, and particularly in Ilocos, Philippines before windmill-likes called the wind turbines. I'm sure you have seen one yourself too those tall white poles with 3 long blades rotating as the wind blows from which the main purpose is to generate electricity.

In Netherlands, you will see and can get even closer to their traditional windmill. It's huge and more appealing compared to the wind turbines. You can appreciate their windmills mostly in the countryside. Some are tall, some are not but the width is mostly the same, huge.

Let me take you to the Dutch countryside Zaanse Schans which is popular for its Windmill Village, whereby the famous windmill photos are taken from here. It's a free admission when you enter the village and take your time in enjoying the best iconic views of the windmills. In here, you also have the opportunity to learn more about the Dutch countryside and its expertise.

Where else to go in Zaanse Schans?
  1. Zaans Museum
  2. De Tweekoppige Phoenix - a distillery in Zaan district.
  3. Smells like Chocolate
  4. Groeneveld Eten - a lunchroom that serves organic food and fresh home-made products.
  5. Proeflokaal de Kruis - a cafe that serves more than 60 different beers.
  6. Henri Willig Catharina Hoeve - sells cheese products from the Henri Willig farm, you can also witness cheese making here.
  7. Pancakes at 'De Kraai' - a pancake house that serves a 29-cm diameter of Dutch pancake.
  8. De Hoop Op D'Swarte Walvis - a famous restaurant due to its perfect location, directly on the River Zaan. You can view the classic windmills from here.
  9. Wooden Shoe Workshop - offers free clog-making demonstration in 10 minutes.
  10. Windmill Cruises Zaanse Schans - a 25-minute boat tour along the Zaans Schans which include history telling of the Zaanse Schans and its heroes.

In my opinion,  if you will take the This is Holland hop-on hop-off, I suggest you spend more time here and enjoy the Dutch vibes. You can also try there windmill cruises if you have plenty of time.



April Rodea said...

Hello, Chamz. What a beautiful place to visit! I see you're traveling around Europe and I'm so jelly. That is one of my dreams! Can't wait to read more of your travels. And thank you for dropping by to my blog. x

Maria said...

Your posts make me happy. I can only dream of visiting these places, at least we have you to take us abroad without leaving home! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Have a good one!

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